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Thank you for visiting revise medicine.  If you would like to use our forums please visit this link

The practice selling process provides many pitfalls for would be sellers. They typically attempt to market,negotiate and sell their practice in their spare time whilst continuing with busy jobs. The larger companies who have experience in this process appoint dedicated teams to manage the process. Naturally as probably a small to medium size business you don't want to bring in additional staff to maintain the anonymous nature of the sale and protect the current profitability in the business. This is where practice agents come in.

As dedicated UK specialist practice brokers we have experience in all aspects of the sales process. We can guide you and aid you to protect you from the various pitfalls that may await you. Experience in this field in knowledge, knowledge is power which in the business transaction world equates to money.

For a small fee we can manage your practice sale. We have hundreds of registered buyers who are currently looking to purchase a business similiar to yours. Not only that, we don't charge any up front fee so we only get paid when your practice is sold.

We are multi practice agents which means that we are specialists in the following fields